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We provide complete lawn maintenance and garden care for residential and commercial property owners. Most of our customers sign up for annual contracts for a couple different reasons.

First, almost every week we hear our customers tell us how happy they are with our service. They love the fact that they aren’t having to stress about keeping their lawns mowed, their bushes manicured… they enjoy having a perfectly maintained yard the year round.

Second, with out annual maintenance contract you’ll get better pricing than just calling when you think you need us. When we can get you on our schedule and methodically maintain your yard, it helps us to be more efficient and able to offer better pricing.

Your monthly payment will be specific for your needs. So we’ll give you a custom schedule and price depending on what you want us to do. Of course, we will make recommendations… but the final choice is up to you as the customer.

Don’t forget to ask how you can get Free Lawn Care Services.

We provide shrub trimming over a contract period, normally 3-4 times per year to keep things looking neat. These services are also included in the mulch applications. Complete cleanup of areas are always completed the same day your Atlanta area properly is cut so that it stays neat and clean.

We will furnish and install any landscape material big or small. We go to great lengths to find the healthiest quality plant material by using several suppliers nationwide.

Seasonal Color

  • Removal and disposal of previous seasonal flowers.
  • Roto-till
  • Soil amendments (Mycor-root amendments and compost).
  • Rake out and smooth
  • Granular fungicide and fertilizer incorporated.
  • Furnish and install pine mini nuggets.
  • Adjust irrigation heads to allow full coverage of watering to annual beds.

Seasonal Color Bed Maintenance

  • (8) Visits for spring flowers, (5) visits for fall flowers.
  • Weeding
  • Granular fungicide and fertilizer apps as needed.
  • Pruning and deadheading of flowers.

*** Replacements for flowers damaged to wildlife, weather or problems with irrigation will be charged at an additional fee.

Mowing & Trimming

Mowing a yard to maintain a 3.5″ height. Trim along edges of trees, landscape beds and all hard surfaces. Grass clippings blown from hard surfaces and mulch beds.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removing services can be provided in two ways, by mulching the leaves weekly as the lawn is cut or by blowing the leaves from beds into the lawn and using a vacuum to remove the leaves and remove them from the property

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