It is said that water is the most destructive force of nature. The amount of water that is diverted off your roof, into your gutters and out your downspouts is more than enough to cause serious long term damage to your house. Making sure all your downspouts are funneling the water away from your foundation, crawl space or basements should not be overlooked. That’s why we want to help you keep your home protected from water erosion.

One way of protecting homes and other structures with roofing is to ensure that they have working and efficient drainage systems. Dunn to Perfection is proud to offer drainage installation. Too much water in the wrong place can cause a lot of problems for homeowners. We take great pride in our work, always keeping in mind that our job site is your property. Throughout projects, we maintain a neat and safe work place. Once the drainage is installed, the disturbed area will be re-graded, seed and straw or sod.


  • Gutter Hook-ups
  • Installing Masonry catch basin
  • Redirecting water away from the foundation or problem area

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